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About Kiev

Kiev is the largest city and the capital of Ukraine. The square of Kiev is 827 sq. km. It is situated on the north central part of the country on the Dnepr River. The population of this city is about 3 million people.

According to the legend, Kiev was founded by three brothers Kiy, Schek, Khoriv and their sister Lybid. It was built more than 1500 years ago.

Today Kiev is an important cultural, educational, scientific and industrial center of Eastern Europe. There is a high concentration of industrial enterprises, financial institutions. There are the most important scientific institutions in Ukraine and the most prestigious educational institutions. But this information is not generally useful for travelers.

Kiev was considered to be the greenest city in the world - so great was the number of parks, green spaces. Not only the people of Kiev are loved and admired by their hometown. Almost everyone who has ever been to Kiev will be particularly impressed by the steep green slopes of the Dnieper, by Kiev's panorama of the numerous golden domes and bridges across the Dnieper, by the wildly blooming chestnuts on Khreschatyk.

The uniqueness of the historical monuments of Kiev in the fact that they are not perceived as museum pieces, but as living witnesses of the past, the direct participants in the events of antiquity, that the virtue of arrogance and tell us their stories.

One of the most famous sights of Kiev, a place of pilgrimage for the faithful and tourists, a Kiev-Pechersk Holy Assumption Lavra. For many centuries, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is the spiritual and cultural center, a stronghold of education. At different periods of its existence, Lavra was on the verge of destruction, as well as many Christian monuments of Kiev, but now - it is a national nature reserve, in whose territory the ancient monastic cells, caves, ancient churches, and a large number of museums. Even if you're not a fan of theater, it is worth to go to Kiev Opera House. Those who loves Opera and ballet will enjoy the beautiful music, singing, dance, and the rest will enjoy the beautiful scenery, rich interior hallways, foyers, sweeping marble staircases and huge mirrors.

Those who have enough time to explore the Kiev can spend a day or two to visit museums of Kiev. Ukrainian Museum of Decorative Arts, National Museum of Art, Science and Natural History Museum of Ukraine, the Museum of Western and Oriental Art, the Museum of the water and the Museum of Miniature, Museum of historical treasures - there are a lot of them, and each of them has something interesting, whether it's old Ukrainian costumes, paintings by Rubens, Velazquez, ancient Scythian jewelry, or fossils of mammoths. You can combine a cultural program with a pleasant holiday. It will be interesting to visit a folk life museum, located in Pyrohiv. Here tourists will be met by Ukrainian national flavor, the various historical monuments of national culture, clean air and beautiful scenery.

There are a lot of different fitness centers, swimming pools, indoor ice rinks, which operate year-round, gyms, bowling clubs and billiard clubs in Kiev. The tastes of all types of tourists are taken into account. Nightlife in Kiev is not inferior to the saturation of other European capitals. It offers residents and guests many entertainment venues, nightclubs and casinos.

The separate story are worth restaurants in Kiev. You can find traditional Ukrainian food, exotic dishes of Japanese, Chinese and Latin American cuisine in menu of restaurants of Kiev. Also refined French, or (the most common) European cuisine.

It will be pleasantly for you to acquire souvenir or just a nice trinket. The shops and Malls in Kiev offer customers an extensive selection of products.

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