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International dating site.
Only real single Ukrainian women.

Terms and Conditions

Who can become our client?

By registering at the website of the international dating service Lady Fox, you confirm that you are over or at least 18 years of age at the moment of submitting the application form to our database.

How to fill in the application form

You are to submit only the most complete and authentic information about yourself. In case of any changes, you should modify the profile on your personal page.

You can add photos to your profile — from 1 up to 3 photos according to your wish. It is good, if you have full-length portrait photos in your profile. Photos of a bad quality or in underwear or naked ones are not accepted.

Usage of other person's photos and imitation of other participants of the service is forbidden.

The client undertakes to respect the freedom of religion, belonging to any race or social status, and not to distribute the information, which can be offensive for other participants of the project.

Registration, submitting your own profile to the database and browsing profiles of other clients is free-of-charge. For more information about the paid services provided by the dating service Lady Fox please refer to the section "Services".

Terms of Service

Your profile is hosted on the website of the international dating service Lady Fox without any time-limits. After the registration you can use all services offered to our clients as long as you remove the profile at your own request, or in case you do not respond to the letters from women wishing to get acquainted with you, or you do not keep in touch with the representatives of the service for a long period of time. The administrator can also remove your account for violating the Terms of Use of the website or due to numerous complaints from other participants.

Responsibility of the Client

It is forbidden to use the information received with the help of our website for commercial purposes or transfer it to the third parties or organizations or resources of a similar kind.

It is forbidden to place the information about the third persons irrespective of their consent. Agencies and dating services can submit information about their clients only after contacting the administrator of the Lady Fox website.

Submitting any untruthful information, insults, pornographic content, spam, blackmailing, sexual offends, causing troubles to the persons who refused to correspond with you, compromising other participants of the service by means of the website is strictly forbidden.

Registering on site you agree to engage in unfiltered communication with website member, at your discretion, you may disclose your personal contact information and/or agree to an in-person meeting. However, you reserve to determine what information you will disclose, when you will disclose it, and if and when you will agree to an in-person meeting.

Therefore, for yourself, you release the website providing these services and its owner from any liability for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may arise as a result of you agreeing to this consent and release.

Rights and Responsibility of the Owners of the Website

The administration of the international dating service Lady Fox has the right:

  • to modify to the current Terms of Use at its discretion;
  • to delete the profiles without the prior notification of the client if there are reasons to suppose that they violate the conditions of the membership;
  • to change the design and content of the website;
  • to stop the work of the website on their own initiative without an explanation of the reasons.

The administration undertakes not to distribute the confidential information received during the registration. The employees of the dating service do not bear the responsibility for the information submitted by the client on the website or provided by him for transferring to other users.

The administration of the resource does not guarantee to compensate the expenses or cover the damages which are connected either directly or indirectly with the use of the services provided by this website.

The employees of Lady Fox do their best to satisfy the wishes of each client concerning the search of the life partner, but do not guarantee immediate and absolute results.


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