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About Odessa

Odessa is a beautiful city which is situated on the northwestern coast of the Black Sea. It is a major industrial, cultural, scientific and recreation center and also a knot of highways and railroads. There is the largest port in Ukraine. The population of the city is 1,010,845 people. In terms of population it is the third largest city in the country after Kiev and Kharkov.

The climate in Odessa is temperate continental with mild winters, relatively lingering spring and warm long, often very sultry summers and long and warm autumn.

Officially, the history of the city of Odessa is taken to count in 1794, when on May 27 (June 7) 1794 Empress Catherine II issued a rescript of the founding of the city and harbor on the spot Hadjibeyan. The city was built according to the plan made by an engineer and colonel of the Russian army Franz Devolan. The new name of Odessa city was first mentioned in January 10, 1795.

There are several theories about the origin of the name of the city, however, is considered that the most reliable assumption is that the city was named in honor of the ancient Greek colony Odesos, which was located near the Gulf of Odessa.

Odessa beaches - hotspots and treatment in Odessa on the Black Sea coast and estuaries. The total length of the coastline of Odessa - 30 km. The main resort area of Odessa is located along the eastern edge of the plateau on a plot of long sea coast, approximately 6 km. Besides the comfortable beaches in Odessa there are a lot of "wild" beaches which usually are not empty.

Odessa is the largest sea port in Ukraine, transporting grain, sugar, coal, petroleum products, cement, metals, jute, wood and engineering industry products. This is a base of naval (in the past) and the fishing fleet. There are located a number of research institutes and laboratories, including the oldest research institute in the system of higher education in Ukraine.

Basically Odessa is presented by the architecture of XIX-XX centuries: Neoclassicism, Modernism, postmodernism, constructivism. In Odessa, there is a famous Potemkin Steps, which now has 192 steps. His Serene Highness Prince Mikhail Vorontsov gave ladder to his wife Elizabeth Ksaverevna that cost him 800 thousand rubles. Prominent place in the cultural life of the city and the country occupies the Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet. Its building is a unique architectural construction. There are about two dozen museums located in Odessa.

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