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Who are scammers?

There are hundreds of dating sites in the vastness of the Internet. And if you decided to look for your soul mate in all over the world, it will complicate the selection of the site on which you will search your couple. You will have quite a large selection and it will be difficult for you to choose the right place for searching. But unfortunately, almost at all dating sites you can meet scammers. And who are they? Who are scammers and what they do?

Scammers in most cases are woman, who have profiles on the dating sites but they are not interested in finding a partner. Some of them create fake profiles to just have fun. But there are also scammers who are interested in your material benefit. They want to get your money no matter for what!

And how can you identify if the woman is scammer or not? There is no universal method of recognizing, but there are some features you should pay your attention to.

If you have a doubt that the woman you have a correspondence with is not real or she has a fake profile, you can make her a proposition of having a video chat. If she will not agree having absurd excuses, there is a possibility that this person is not the one who he claims to. It can be even a man. That's why you should better pay your attention to this sign.

Another type of scammers who are interested in your material benefit will try to gain your trust. They will write what you want, they will try to prepossess you, but at the same moment they will also try to hide everything about themselves because they try not to be recognized. They avoid the meeting in real life, but they can agree to have a video chat. It will let you know that the girl is real, but she will behave vulgarly and saucily to make you lose your vigilance. It should put on your guard, because decent and serious women won't behave like this. After all this the Ukrainian or Russian girl will start to hint about gifts, money and other material values. You should pay your attention to this fact. In most cases these ladies are scammers. Therefore, we advice you to be careful with such women.

What should you do if you have a suspicion that the lady is a scammer? If your Ukrainian or Russian woman doesn't want or can't for some reason give you an opportunity to see her in cam, you should first tell her in a gentle manner that you have suspicion that she is a scammer. After that, you should pay your attention to her reaction. If she stops writing you or just disappears, it means that your guess was right.

But if your lady asks you for money or other material values? Be careful, if the scammer is skilful, she won't ask you for it directly. She can think up a story about her ill mother or even about her child to intenerate you. First of all do not go on about! You have to contact the support of the site and to send them a copy of woman's letter with a request or hint to confirm your suspicion. Probably it will be better for you to suspend your correspondence as it can take some time. After that your suspicion will be verified and if they confirmed, the girl's profile will be deleted and added to the spam list.

We advice you to use paid dating sites because only their support will pay enough attention to your wishes and claims and will try to do everything to satisfy them.

But dear men! There is nothing bad or criminal in giving flowers to your lady for the Women's day or Birthday. Be patient and reasonable and remember that nobody can make you do something; all depends on you and your decisions.


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