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Giving a gift is the best way to show your lady that you have serious intentions. It's also romantic to surprise her and make her happy once in a while. With our help you can chose and deliver a right present or a certain bouquet for the lady who is sympathetic for you. You can receive a private detailed consultation at this question via e-mail.

The gift you choose for the lady is delivered to her within 5 days after payment.

chocolates - a gift for your russian bride

1. Chocolates

Do you want to make your beloved woman's day sweet and pleasant? Good chocolates will let your lady feel real pleasure!

champagne - a gift for your ukrainian bride

2. Champagne

Spoil your lady with glass of sparkling wine, present your woman this wonderful drink of love. She will appreciate it.

cake - a pesent for russian girl

3. Cake

What can be better and sweeter than a tasty cake from beloved man? Only his kiss! Let your woman try this treat and she will certainly imagine your tender kiss.

teddy bear - a present for ukrainian girl

4. Teddy Bear (20 in.)

If you want to impress your beloved lady, you should know that all women like men's attention. Present to lady of your heart a Teddy bear and she will imagine your warm hugs every day.

toy for boy - a gift for kid of your russian wife

5. Toy for boy

If you want to conquer the heart of your lady, make a little gift for her child. Her heart will melt and she will know how kind you are.

toy for girl - a gift for kid of your ukrainian wife

6. Toy for girl

Even little girls like an attention. And if you will make such a nice gift for your lady's little princess, your woman won't leave you without her attention too!

fruit basket - a gift for your russian woman

7. Fruit basket (oranges, bananas, pine-apple, grape, kiwi, apples, pears)

Life is always busy and fast. These factors have a bad influence on the health. Treat your beloved woman with tasty and salubrious fruit. She will definitely appreciate it!

perfume - a gift for russian dating

8. Perfume (50 ml)

Do you want your lady to feel special? Make a nice present for your woman, give her an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful flavor of a perfume and she will be very thankful!

bouquet of roses - a gift for ukrainian dating

9. Bouquet of roses (11 flowers min.)

Red roses are the symbol of love. Let your beloved woman know about your feelings, present her a beautiful bouquet of roses and she will open her heart for your love!

 SPA-centre certificate - a gift for international dating

10. SPA-centre certificate

Every woman wants to be beautiful and well maintained. But it needs a lot of time and energy. Present your beloved lady a pleasant and relaxing day. And you will be the only one man she is dreaming to have nearby!

golden pendant - gift for russian lady

11. Golden pendant

Golden neck-chain - gift for ukrainian lady

12. Golden neck-chain

Dear to heart ladies should be presented by good gifts. If you want to make your beloved woman happy, present her a golden pendant or a neck chain and she will think about you every time she is wearing it.

English courses - a gift for russian ladies

13. English courses (3 mo.)

Do you want to solve the problem in communication because of misunderstandings? Give an excellent opportunity for your lady to learn your language and she will be able to understand all your the sweetest words to her!

Cell phone - a gift for ukrainian ladies

14. Cell phone

Let your woman feel connected with you. Present her a cellphone and she will be able to receive your calls and talk to you whenever you want! It will definetly make you closer to each other.

Laptop - a gift for slavic woman

15. Laptop

Laptop is a good gift for the dearest woman in the world. And even if on the Internet, you will have an opportunity to become closer to her. She will be really thankful you for that.


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